Stock Prediction With Deep Learning by Ethan Shaotran

Whether you're an expert in Artificial Intelligence, or a newbie aspiring to be one, this book takes a completely new approach in teaching Deep Learning, as well as the process of creating a stock prediction algorithm. Throughout the book, you'll create your own deep learning model, learn how to develop it and make it better in order to beat the stock market.

This book is NOT for people looking for a textbook-like approach to learning Deep Learning. We have designed the book as a course for you to take at your own pace, learning through doing, with sufficient guidance to make sure you're understanding key concepts.

What can you learn?

  • The basics of Deep Learning
  • How to create a Deep Learning model
  • Data Analysis – how to work with data
  • How to create your own dataset
  • Improving accuracy with Data Analysis
  • Python Programming

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